Euro SimCup

Monday 10 September - Hall 5 - 8:00 to 19:00

General briefing and welcome to all teams on Sunday 9 September at 16:00 in Hall 5


Coordination, Faculty and Jury

Coordinators: Guillem Bouilleau (France), Cindy Bouzin (France), Abdo Khoury (France), François Lecomte (France), Youri Yordanov (France)
Faculty: Guillaume Der Sahakian (France), Mohamed El Ouali (France), Sébastien Faucher (France), Aurélie Pigeon (France), Laura Ribardière (France)
Jury: Pier Luigi Ingrassia (Italy), Felix Lorang (Germany)



Hear ye! Hear ye! All ye doctors and nurses, paramedics and students! After a looooooong wait, here comes again : Euro SimCup 18!

The Simulation competition is your annual rendez-vous during the EUSEM conference. Whether you are an In-hospital or Pre-hospital EM team, join us and compete against other teams from different countries from all over Europe in a fun and friendly manner. This competition will be brought to you by an international panel of highly qualified experts in simulation, and will feature different scenarii on the latest manikins. All that you probably already know!

This year, and once more, the competition will run “side by side”, meaning you’ll be competing on two simulators, at the same time!

Watch the Euro Sim’Cup 2017 trailer from Athens!

The Euro Sim’Cup 2014 in Amsterdam

The competing teams will have to deal with various emergency clinical situations including adult and/or pediatric scenarii, trauma and psychiatry. Standard ED Resus Room or ambulance material will be provided and should be used by the participating teams. Independent judges will evaluate the teams’ performances. The winning team is the one that achieves the highest scores. 

If you want to be the new European simulation champion, and have millions of people chant your name and dance in circles with pictures of you: register now; places are limited !!

Ground Rules

  • All teams should be as much as possible pluridisciplinary and include paramedics, nurses, students and physicians (usually 3-4 members).
  • All team members must be registered to the conference in order to compete.
  • Teams should wear their uniform or be recognisable as a team
  • Time allocated to each scenario will be variable according to the numbers of team registered. It begins once the team members approach the patient.
  • Positive points will be used for the evaluation of the scenarios
  • Treat all scenarios as real!
  • We stress the importance of multidisciplinary teams including junior doctor or residents.



They are already registered!


CHOTime 84 (France) 

We are the CHOTime 84 team and will represent France at the international simulation competition that will take place at the next European Congress of Emergency Medicine.

We are very excited to participate in this competition and will do everything to win !

But above all, the best wins!  See You in Glasgow!


Tunisia Sim'Cup team

The tunisian Sim'Cup team is ready for the Glasgow competition
#teamspirit #girlpower #emergencyleadership



Hygge Team (Danemark)

The Danish Hygge-Team delegation is excited to test our skills and learn from our opponents in this years SimCup! We might be new to the specialty (just approved this year!) but what we lack in years we make up for in motivation (and hygge).




TEAM FIKA (Sweden)

The swedish TEAM FIKA is proud to announce our participance in the 2018 SimCup. We are not only there simulate but even to show a little bit of our swedish 'fika culture'. There is a need for fika in everybody! - Yes, you may go and look it up!





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